Conference Migration & Societal Change 2023

Book launch: Research Handbook on Irregular Migration

22th-23 th, June, 2023   Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht.

Roundtable discussion 3:

This roundtable celebrates the handbook on irregular migration that was published in March 2023 with Edward Elgar. Moving away from state categorizations on irregular migration, the handbook critically examines processes and dynamics that generate and reproduce irregularity and discusses who may count as an irregular migrant. Five contributors will present their chapter and there will be time to discuss the book.

Chaired by

Ilse van Liempt
Utrecht University


The Production of Irregular Migration

Joris Schapendonk
Radboud University Nijmegen

Narges Mohammadi
Defenders of Human Rights Center


Beach encounters: migrant death and forensic as an art of paying attention

Amade M’Charek
Free University Amsterdam


Invisible, vulnerable, heroic and criminal: A gendered history of migration labelling

Marlou Schrover
Leiden University


The irregularity maze: investigating asymmetries and discontinuities in the interaction between migrants’ geographic mobility and regulatory frameworks

Milena Belloni
University of Antwerp


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