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Wednesday, 6 March 2024
This roundtable aims to facilitate an inclusive and open discussion among stakeholders engaged on relevant migration and F2F policies. It will focus on the CAP social conditionality mechanism and the new corporate due diligence framework.
13 March 2024
Drawing from the findings of the six I-Claim country reports on the topic of “Politics of irregularity”, in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Poland, Finland and Italy, this webinar will offer an overview of the ways in which irregularity is generated and shaped in prac...
12 March 2024
The webinar will offer an introduction to the Horizon Europe I-CLAIM study that investigates the living and working conditions of irregular migrants in six European countries.
6 December 2023
In this meeting, a group of key stakeholder organisations and institutions engaged with the preliminary research results produced by the I-CLAIM team at Ca’ Foscari University concerning the national policies on migration, labour and welfare that have an impact on the...
5 December 2023
This meeting took the form of an expert discussion moderated by prof. Aleksandra Grzymała-Kazłowska (Faculty of Sociology, Migration Research Center, University of Warsaw). It was attended by representatives of institutions - ministries, think-tanks and non-government...
28 November 2023
I-Claim is starting its series of Stakeholder Meetings. The first meeting took place in The Netherlands where key stakeholders in the field of irregular migration reacted to the draft version of the first I-CLAIM report: ‘The Legal and Policy Infrastructure of Irregul...
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