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In Germany, our research will explore the conditions of irregularised migrants in agri-food sector in the Land Brandenburg, which hosts several food processing and agriculture companies, and in the rapidly expanding logistics and delivery sector in Berlin. With its distinct history and highly diverse populations, Berlin is a hub for migrants with precarious legal status. The city offers opportunities for informal employment, often in exploitative conditions. The availability of informal work contributes to making the presence of irregular migrants a structural feature of the labour market in Berlin and Germany.

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Markus Rheindorf, Bastian Vollmer, Martina Liebsch
Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz and Catholic Forum “Living in Illegality”
The report discusses the evolution of migration policies and their impact on irregularised migrants in Germany, emphasizing the non-essential yet impactful nature of irregularity as produced by a complex network of legal, social and economic conditions and practices.

Academic Partner:

Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz

Bastian Vollmer

Professor, Co-director of the Institute of Applied Research and International Relations
Steering Committee member, WP4 Leader


Bastian Vollmer is a Professor of Social Sciences and Co-director of the Institute of Applied Research and International Relations at CUAS Mainz. He has previously held positions at the University of Oxford (2008-2016) and the University of Tübingen (2016-2017). He is author and co-editor of several books and special issues, and he has published in in journals such as Political Geography, Mobilities, Geopolitics, Migration Studies, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, The American Historical Review, and Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. His monographs have been published by Palgrave Macmillan and his forthcoming book Border Revisited: Discourses on the UK Border will be released in 2021. He is co-editor of Migration Studies at Oxford University Press and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Markus Rheindorf

Senior Research Fellow, CUAS Mainz


In April 2021, Dr. Rheindorf was appointed Research Fellow at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz (BRIDGES-Projekt). He is also Lecturer at the University of Vienna and the Central European University, specialising in critical discourse studies and academic writing. He studied Linguistics and English at the University of Vienna and the University of Amsterdam, and he holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics by the University of Vienna. His research interests include the mediatisation of political discourse, the interplay between politics and policy, political advertising and campaigning, and populist discourse. He has a continuing interest in methodological innovation within critical discourse studies, especially regarding triangulation and mixed methods. He has received fellowships from the International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IFK) and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) of Vienna. His latest book, Revisiting the toolbox of discourse studies: New Trajectories in Methodology, Open Data and Visualization, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019.

Country Engagement Partner

Catholic Forum “Living in Illegality”

Martina Liebsch

Managing Director
I-CLAIM Partner


Social Worker by profession; over 30 years of experience in working with and for migrants at local, national and international level in Caritas; previous position: Director of policy and advocacy at Caritas Internationalis in Rome.

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