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Italy has a long history as a country of immigration and emigration. Located at the centre of the Mediterranean region, it is a gate into the EU along the Western Mediterranean route. Research will be conducted in the region of Campania with Eastern European, West African, and South Asian immigrant communities. Fieldwork focuses on domestic work and cleaning in the metropolitan area of Naples. Additionally, fieldwork on agricultural labour will be conducted in the rural areas surrounding Caserta. Attention will be especially paid to the overlapping of these sectors and the consequent labour mobility between urban and rural settings. In Italy, irregularity with respect to migrants concerns both the high number of undocumented migrants living in Italy and the high rates of irregularity and informality that characterize employment and working conditions of migrant workers, contributing to the development of a “dark grey” labour market.

Related publications

Letizia Palumbo and Sabrina Marchetti
Ca' Foscari University of Venice
The report highlights how, over the last two decades, by fostering narratives on a ‘migrant invasion’ threating the country, various Italian governments have adopted increasingly stringent migration and asylum policies.

Academic Partner:

Ca’ Foscari University

Sabrina Marchetti

Associate Professor
Steering Committee member


She is Associate Professor in Sociology, mainly specialised on issues of gender, labour, social movements and migration, with a specific focus on issues of social reproduction. Amongst her recent publications “Migration and domestic work” (Springer) and “Global domestic workers: international inequalities and struggles for rights” (Bristol UP).

Letizia Palumbo



She is a researcher in socio-legal studies. Her research focuses on migrant labour, exploitation, trafficking, migrants rights and women’s rights, especially with regard to care/domestic work and agricultural sector.

Giulia Garofalo Geymonat

Senior Research Fellow


She is a Senior Research Fellow in Sociology, specialised on issues of gender, sexuality, labour, social movements and migration. Amongst her recent publications “Global domestic workers: international inequalities and struggles for rights” (Bristol UP) and “Prostituzione e lavoro sessuale in Italia” (Rosenberg&Sellier)

Alice Morino

Student-research assistant


Alice is a Master’s student in Near and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures specialising in Arabic language and literature at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. She has been specialising in the sociology of migration for a few years now and in the past has worked as a research assistant for the Italian team of the H2020 project VULNER.

Country Engagement Partner

Action Aid

Teresa Cecere

I-CLAIM Partner


Teresa Cecere works for ActionAid in the Global Inequality and Migration Unit. She is in charge of the implementation of funded projects on migration and integration. Her research focuses are the political participation mechanisms of third-country national communities and the labour conditions of migrant domestic workers in Italy.

Isabella Orfano

Women’s Rights Expert
I-CLAIM Partner


Isabella Orfano works as Women’s Rights Expert for ActionAid Italy. She has extensive experience in research, policy development, networking, lobbying&advocacy on women’s rights, anti-trafficking, migration, and LGBTQI+-related issues. Her work focuses on the protection of human rights of vulnerable groups and the improvement of institutional and non-governmental responses.

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