Politics of irregularity

Wednesday, 13 March 2024, 13:00 – 14:00 CET. Via Zoom

The I-Claim project investigates migrant irregularity as an outcome of politics of irregularity, i.e., multiple structural, political and legal infrastructures, rather than a quality of an individual or a group of people. For this purpose, we have investigated how irregularity is produced by migration and asylum laws, policies and practices but also by employment and welfare regimes.

Drawing from the findings of the six I-Claim country reports on the topic of “Politics of irregularity”, in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Poland, Finland and Italy, this webinar will offer an overview of the ways in which irregularity is generated and shaped in practice at the intersection of national legal and policy frameworks. It will also consider the impact of irregularity on the living and working conditions of migrant individuals and their households, taking into account intersectional vulnerabilities, as well as processes of sexism and racialization. The six country reports have been developed through the analysis of relevant national legal and policy documents, as well as interviews with key stakeholders.

These are some of the questions we are going to address during the webinar:

● What are the main trends in the politics of migrant irregularity in Europe?

● How are migration, asylum, employment/labour market, and welfare regimes entangled in shaping irregularity in Europe?

● How does a person’s irregular situation affect other family members?

● What are the main routes and strategies out of irregularity?


  • Lena Näre and Paula Merikoski (University of Helsinki),
  • Sabrina Marchetti and Letizia Palumbo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) 

Moderated by: Ilse Van Liempt (Utrecht University), Principal Investigator of the I-CLAIM project.

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