Country reports

Letizia Palumbo and Sabrina Marchetti
Ca' Foscari University of Venice
The report highlights how, over the last two decades, by fostering narratives on a ‘migrant invasion’ threating the country, various Italian governments have adopted increasingly stringent migration and asylum policies.
Matuszczyk, Kamil; Grzymala-Kazlowska, Aleksandra; Homel, Kseniya
University of Warsarw
The report focuses on 'the production of irregularities' in the context of migration, aiming to illuminate its complexity from the perspective of the national policy level in Poland.
Paula Merikoski, Lena Näre and Salla-Mari Karti
University of Helsinki
The report presents general trends and features of migrant irregularity in Finland, including estimates of the number of irregularised people and the most common characteristics of irregularised situations that we have identified.
Markus Rheindorf, Bastian Vollmer, Martina Liebsch
Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz and Catholic Forum “Living in Illegality”
The report discusses the evolution of migration policies and their impact on irregularised migrants in Germany, emphasizing the non-essential yet impactful nature of irregularity as produced by a complex network of legal, social and economic conditions and practices.
Stefano Piemontese and Nando Sigona
University of Birmingham
This report examines the legal and policy infrastructures of irregular migration in the United Kingdom (UK) from the hostile environment policies to the post-Brexit new plan for immigration. It investigates the intersection between immigration, labour and welfare regime...
Minke Hajer, Carola Vasileiadi, Ilse van Liempt
Utrecht University
This report aims to understand the implementation and impact of Dutch laws and policies on the production of migrant irregularity in the Netherlands. It is shown that over the past 25 years, Dutch policies have increasingly excluded irregular migrants from essential ser...

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