Since the start of the project, the I – Claim coordination team and partners are very much engaged and active with the media, facilitating interviews, writing articles and giving visibility to the project and its research results through various media channels. 
Here you can find a grasp of the various interviews and articles given by the I-Claim consortium. 

Breaking News from the UK Supreme Court

Breaking News from the UK Supreme Court Rwanda plan: Rishi Sunak has insisted on pushing ahead – here’s where he could take it next.Nando Sigona / November 2023The UK supreme court has ruled against the government’s plan to deport some asylum seekers to Rwanda for...

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Irregular sea crossings ignite tensions in the EU

 Interview to Nando Sigona on BBC NewsNando Sigona / October 2023How to address irregular sea crossings and the secondary mobility of migrants are igniting tensions at the border between Italy and France, and with other EU member states. But there is more to this than...

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Zaenal was a ‘modern slave’ of a Dutch family.

Zaenal was a "modern slave" of a Dutch family: "Had to iron clothes at two o'clock in the morning"September 2023Recently, the Dutch newspaper AD featured Zaenal's story as a victim of modern slavery.This story is related to a podcast produced by Fairwork, our...

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Tunisia deal unlikely to reduce illegal migration

Ilse van Liempt /July 2023Experts doubt whether Sunday’s migration agreement with Tunisia will help reduce the number of people trying to reach the European Union, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Thursday. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni,...

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‘Europeans are almost not coming to the UK any more’

Nando Sigona / June 2023Al Jazeera: Are you surprised by the latest data on migration?Nando Sigona: The increase is in line with a trend we had already detected before the pandemic where, despite the UK government’s anti-immigration rhetoric and the Brexit pledges of...

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